Monday, June 23, 2008

Triple Draw Recap

I didn't do anything in the triple draw tournament. I had a pretty bad starting table, including John Juanda for the second year in a row. I won a few small pots during the first level and had my 5k starting stack up to 7k but then went pretty cold. I got all-in and won a big pot right before the second break but the tight old dude who had all the chips finished me off about an hour later. My gameplan was to play pretty straightforward and not mess around but there were a few spots where I wish I had tried some tricky plays. I don't think I played all that well. Live poker is really brutal. To echo the sentiment of my last post, this just isn't my life anymore. I say that to people out here and they get a concerned, sad look on their face. But it's really a good thing.

Back to Brooklyn tonight.


OpenID shunny said...

I'm glad there's life after Amherst and life after poker.

I guess both are fun while they last though.

10:07 PM  

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