Saturday, May 06, 2006


Although I don't really believe in such a thing, I guess I am "running bad" right now. It's really just variance. But man, I have posted substantial losses every day this week. Not sure what to do at this point other than scale back my playing, take some time off, do some other things, and keep breathing. Seriously, taking deep breaths is such a good exercise when you're losing. But waahh, what a lot of money I have lost in May.


Blogger Mr. A. N. Jadewise said...

Have you tried playing at lower limits, beating the smaller games just to get some confidence and momentum back? I do this sometimes when I play LHE, but I don't know if that's possible given the games available for TDL. Just a suggestion though. Good Luck getting through this rough time, what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous other1 said...

Quick question about TD hand selection for you.. I'm watching you play on UB right now and it seems that every hand you've played you drew one to start. Is that a general rule of thumb for starting hand selection? Are you playing particularly tight because you feel you are running bad right now? I notice that some other players at the table are raising and even 3-betting and then drawing 2 to start. Do you consider that too loose?


2:00 AM  
Blogger Chris Fargis said...

No, I play plenty of hands drawing 2 and some drawing 3. How long did you watch for?

2:29 AM  
Anonymous other1 said...

Not too long. Probably just caught you in a run of good hands.

2:37 AM  
Blogger John said...


I watch you alot on UB 2-7. This may be a stupid question but what does GIFAFI stand for?

thanks and continued upswing,


4:41 PM  
Blogger Chris Fargis said...

GIFAFI: go ice fishing and fall in.

7:47 PM  

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